Music From Barbara Paul and Joe Bull


Our new CD, "Sight for Seeking" is finally released and available now. This has been an extraordinary experience for both of us. We’d like to express our deepest gratitude to Vedanta Centre Publishers for the opportunity to put Swami Paramananda’s inspired poetry to music. We hope you will enjoy it.

- Barbara Paul and Joe Bull

Swami Paramananda was an illumined spiritual teacher, mystic, philosopher, author and poet. His poems transcend all boundaries of religious doctrine and were not "composed" but flowed naturally and spontaneously from his own spiritual experiences and realization. The primary teaching by which he lived and taught was tolerance for all spiritual paths and to love one another.

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Barbara Paul • Joe Bull
"Sight for Seeking"
  1 Springbird (0:42)
2 Sight for Seeking (5:02)
3 Eternal Light (3:57)
4 I Keep Still (5:34)
5 My Tender Lord (4:05)
6 Compass (4:21)
  7 Tower of Strength (4:17)
8 Awakener (5:06)
9 Give Your Love (4:04)
10 Light of Love (3:19)
11 Sweet Blossom (4:54)
12 Basanta (2:05)
Price for CD: $15 • Purchase at CD Baby
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